I'm a self taught software programmer working hard to keep my work free and open source.

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I am a self taught programmer writing great (people say so) free and open source software. I am the maintainer of Noko WordPress theme which is presently empowering 300+ websites online. You can find it at https://wordpress.org/themes/noko/.

Other than this, I am working on another open source project which will allow software maintainers to send notifications (similar to push notifications) to instances of their software. Written in Python (over flask), it is going to be pretty amazing.

I had a job once but it was completely a deadend. There was no way to grow and learn. So I resigned. Freelancing presently but don't get much of the clients due to lack of communication skills. If you need some software development services, my hourly pricing is $10 per hour.

$40 a week will keep me alive.

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