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🍭 Support Blinkypaws and it's author^.^

Maybe you know, or maybe not, that for creating comics regularly, the only wish is not enough. Enthusiasm - is a great thing, but you also need -of course- some drawing equipment, to make the process easier and quicker, higher quality, better.

Good graphic tablets like Wacom cost a few thousands dollars, and for me personally, even 100 $ - is a lot of money already.

So I can only buy a good tablet with your help and support.

And you know, it seems like all of the popular and successful comics out there, all made on good professional drawing tablets, because the work on comics cost lots of patience and time, so the process certainly has to be comfortable and professionally equipped, in order to create a high quality content.

Above that, with the growth and development of the Blinkypaws, it might cost some other costs and needs.

If you love Blinkypaws comics, and wish to see it growing and developing into something BIG, and you are happy with the free episodes on Instagram, and you want to simply support it, this page is for you!

🍭 Above the comics,

I do so many other things too: creating music, filming videos for YouTube, like reactions to songs; relaxing videos with my original music; I also do cosmetic reviews,and some talking videos for fun. I dance and sing Imagine, how much do I do alone? And, of course, I need to develop the quality of the content. Even though I work a lot, just an enthusiasm is not enough. I need a financial support, because with it, the quality of the content will grow and make you happy)

Are you ready to support art wherever? . And you spare no time and effort to support creativity? . Than click here right now!

Thank you for your support!

●All donations will contribute to the growth of content quality.

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