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I develop free audio softwares for GNU/Linux, mainly the session manager RaySession, but also Plujain Ramp and Plujain ChannelB LV2 plugins.


see RaySession on GitHub

RaySession is an audio session manager for GNU/Linux.

It allows to synchronize launch and save of audio applications as Ardour, Qtractor, Carla, Hydrogen and many others.

It uses the NSM (Non Session Manager) OSC protocol and is so compatible with all softwares using this protocol.

It is also capable of:

  • remember JACK connections
  • Create/Load application templates
  • Save session as template
  • Take session snapshot at each save (with git)
  • Provide shortcuts of session's folder in file manager
  • many other things...

Plujain Ramp:

See Plujain Ramp on GitHub

Plujain Ramp is a rhythmic tremolo LV2 plugin.

It generates tremolo effect with a very short fade in at each period, it sounds like a musical impulse. It also can play periods with a modified speed, it also modify the note height and allows octaver effect for very few DSP consumption.

Plujain Ramp Live allows to synchronize many plugin's instances between them in order to create original rhythmic patterns.

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