Xavier Cartron

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I try to simplify the use of free (as in freedom) softwares with which I learned a lot. I share these programs, discoveries or documentation on my site.

Some projects I have created or are involved in:

Self-hosting with OpenBSD

I wrote a book to successfully host its server with OpenBSD. It is also available online.

OpenBSD Hosted Coverage

An ebook with quick tutorials and advices is also avaiable

couverture ebook

OpenBSD French portal

I created the French-language portal around OpenBSD called Obsd4 *. It allows to exchange around this system, to ask for help, to stay informed and to gather knowledge and tricks in a wiki.


With friends who want to help free-softwares, we created the 3hg collective. I host the site on my server. We share tools, including:

Dontpanic and torrent

Dontpanic and torstream are two programs for watching movies in streaming. They are downloaded via torrent. One is a tool that can be installed on a server to propose a portal accessible to the public, the other offers the same but command line.


Noizy is a tool in PHP that allows to stream an RSS feed to various social networks automatically.


Vilain is a python tool that mimics the fail2ban functionality for a server running OpenBSD: it monitors possible attacks on a server and blacklists the IP of the attackers.


Swx is a static site generator.


Potograph is a program to make a photo studio (especially useful for weddings or big parties).


I propose various tools based on the Tk graphical library, fast, light and requiring few dependencies.

Thinking about writing LaTeX

I made sheets gathering all the small commands useful in LaTeX. It is available here.


I gather documentation and other small tools on my site.

I am also on github or framagit where I fork and offers improvements according to my time and abilities (translations, issues , Bug fixes).

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Post link to shaarli via commandline

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Add-ons for BlogoText

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Lightweight PHP BlogEngine




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