I run Escher Girls, stream video game play and commentary, and make comedic YouTube videos/reviews

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I am Ami Angelwings (aka Sith Princess) the creator, owner, and maintainer of the popular feminist humor blog Escher Girls. Running Escher Girls takes up a lot of time as it involves:

  • going through all of the submissions I get in my inbox
  • sourcing the submissions
  • checking their authenticity
  • editing the submission text
  • formatting the submissions and images to be consistent
  • finding additional images to supplement the submission
  • constructing commentary and jokes to go with the submission
  • managing comments, feedback, and emails

Donations help me continue this work as it takes up several hours at a time, a few of days a week for me to maintain Escher Girls and manage the large amount of submissions I get.

As well, donations will allow me to upgrade Escher Girls such as:

  • get a dedicated domain for Escher Girls
  • move Escher Girls to a non-Tumblr platform (this will require a lot of work as each post would need to be manually recreated on the new platform since Tumblr does not allow mass exporting)
  • create additional content such as a full Glossary explaining the terms used
  • commission art to improve the visual look of Escher Girls & add supplemental illustrations
  • other site improvements

On top of Escher Girls, donations help me create other content such as video game streaming and review videos on YouTube which I currently do when I have the time. Donations would help me afford the time to stream on a regular schedule, create regular videos, and get equipment to improve the videos and to play games that people want me to (or to review games and movies that people want me to).

My work can be found here:

Escher Girls - http://eschergirls.tumblr.com

Ami's Angelstreams - http://youtube.com/c/amisangelstreams (both gaming streams and Sith Princess review/humor videos)

Twitch stream - https://www.twitch.tv/sith_princess

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