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Creating free software

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I enjoy living in a free world. Luckily, the world of free software is a place that it is worth it to live in and to fight for.

I have been contributing to free software for many years; writing code and documentation, promoting its adoption and make it more accessible to non tech savvy folks.

The primary focus of my work has been to improve the free software ecosystem on mobile devices. The mobile users deserve a set of hardware, operating system and application ecosystem that respects their digital rights.

I have worked on the following applications:

  • Glossaico, a language learning application (current maintainer)
  • Kongress, a companion application for conferences (current maintainer)
  • Calindori, calendar for Plasma Mobile (not involved anymore)

while I have contributed to various mobile related repositories.

Donating is a way to say thank you for my done work.

Spreading the word about the free software projects I have worked on is also much appreciated.


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