Daniel Gultsch is working on federated Instant Messaging with Jabber/XMPP

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Daniel Gultsch is the maintainer of the Android Jabber client Conversations. In addition to that he develops various tools that aim to improve the Jabber ecosystem like the Compliance Tester or the Server Status Monitor.

On his personal website he publishes essays and think pieces on the state of Jabber. He is also a regular speaker at various tech conferences to advocate the use of Jabber/XMPP.

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jmap 21 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 3 semajnoj

A Java 7+ library for the JSON Meta Application Protocol

lttrs-android 57 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 3 semajnoj

No-frills, easy to use, easy to maintain Email client for Android based on the JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP).

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