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The Battle for Wesnoth is an open source turn-based strategy game, founded in 2004 by David White, that I like to play and develop. I would like to have more time to work on The Battle for Wesnoth; your donations help that by allowing me to spend more time on Wesnoth and less on dayjob(s).

I spend my time doing tech support; responding to feedback threads of the campaigns I've played; contributing source code changes to Wesnoth's core (from dialog changes, to WML/Lua changes and campaign changes, through changes to the C++ engine, and everything in between); prototyping proposed features; and reviewing and merging pull requests from the community. I maintain and co-maintain two or three small addons and partake in playtesting of campaign changes before their inclusion in Wesnoth. When I have spare time, I try to complete the mainline campaigns without save-loading (reporting and fixing any bugs I run into along the way), or take a day off and spend it with my family.

You may review my forum posts, GitHub commits and pull requests; the GitHub pull requests I commented on or reviewed; or even the monstrous list of all GitHub issues I've participated in.

And if you're interested in playing with any of my custom patches, just let me know and I'll make time to clean up the code and post it to the forums!

Alternative donation links: Bitcoin (BTC) to 19kNTxanUNZACBvQ2JYXiHPr7nmdTLZQ6C

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