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Help fund the future of my foobar2000 components and the Cog audio player

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Every little bit helps me toward my monthly goals of making the bills, as I may feel more motivated to continue more frequent development of my various software projects, such as foobar2000 plug-in components, and Cog, the audio player I took over almost 10 years ago for macOS, whose original developer stopped working on it when they accepted a job at Apple.

I do sort of have a current one-time goal, or two, mainly to achieve enough to purchase an M1 Mac Mini with 16GB of RAM, so I'll have a foothold into the future ecosystem of developing and testing Mac applications. I do not need the funding for a developer account yet at this time, as I am still riding on the generosity of Resolute, Ltd., the foobar2000 Mobile company, for their signing power, but that's it. Although sending a little their way for this generosity wouldn't be bad, either.

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Cog - A Free and Open Source Audio Player for Mac OS X 10.7+


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