To support development of Pat and other related open source software

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I love working on the Pat project and other amateur radio related open source projects.

As a professional software developer, this is my way of giving back to the community.

If you like Pat or any of the other open source projects hosted at github.com/la5nta, please consider contributing to the projects by submitting patches or get involved in the user communities.

In direct expences, the domain for the Pat website (getpat.io) costs approximately $35 USD per year. Other resources needed to maintain Pat includes a build farm with Raspberry Pi and other computers. More hardware is needed for supporting new platforms and transports.

I appreciate any donations through Liberapay that would help cover direct expences and may allow me to work even more on amateur radio related open source projects in the future. Thank you!

Although I'm the sole maintainer of Pat currently, this Liberapay account is organized as a team. Team accounts allow me to distribute gifts amongst potiential future co-authors and other contributors.

I decided to accept donations based on this discussion @ pat-users community forum. Please note that Pat and related software is given free of charge. Donations are of course appreciated, but they are not expected.


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pat 264 Ĝisdatigita tiusemajne

A cross-platform Winlink client written in Go

wl2k-go 32 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 1 semajno

A Winlink framework for Go.

pat-website 0 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 2 jaroj

Pat's home

fldigiattach 4 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 7 jaroj

Use fldigi as a modem for Linux's AX.25-stack


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