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If you have found my Liberapay account through my mental health and human rights writing and conversations and would like me to have more time to do this, please donate.

Hi, I'm Jenni Liles. I have been active on the web and social media as "odanu" and other names since 1997 and over the years I've written on many subjects. For the last decade or so most of the writing and conversations have focused on mental health and human rights, sometimes both together. I also write microfiction and poetry, also frequently with mental health and human rights themes.

In my day job, I run my own private mental health therapy practice which accepts (lower paid) Medicaid and Medicare and offers a small number of pro bono appointments based on situations that arise in my caseload. Because of this business practice of putting my clients first and the rising cost of living that is not being matched by rising pay from public and private insurances, my income is being pinched.

Most of my clients are queer and/or polyamorous and/or transgender and/or neurodiverse, or families of people with those backgrounds. I live and work in Missouri, where the rights of queer people have been under attack for at least the last decade. Those attacks are accelerating, and my efforts at protecting the human rights of trans people and other marginalized groups are also accelerating.

I have a tendency to create a cycle where I engage and then disengage for fairly long, semi-even periods of time, or switch from one platform to another. This comes largely from my neurodiversity (I am autistic and have ADHD) and also from having a busy life that requires a couple of periods every year that need to be focused on boring tasks that keep my business running (the financial and tax stuff). So it is hard for me to build large platforms on any one media.

Most of the ways I do this mental health and human rights work are not easily monetizable. I have conversations on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Mastodon and I maintain my personal website Jenni's Space with a small print-on-demand store with designs I created related to mental health and human rights. I also create short videos for TikTok (irregularly), miscellaneous videos on YouTube and have a Twitch account that I haven't used in quite a while because I found the format very uncomfortable to use.

I am getting closer to retirement age and frankly have no real plan for retirement. My hope with creating a Liberapay account is that the income I get from the value I bring from my writing and conversations will translate into the ability to at least partially retire from providing therapy by the year 2035 when I will be 68. My husband is disabled and his income will be more or less fixed for the rest of his life.

So if you have come here because you find our conversations or my writing interesting, I would very much appreciate a small regular donation, if you can afford it. Thank you very much for your support of an ad-free world.

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