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I am working as a delegate or the World Summit to Flip the Paradigm

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The World Summit is gathering changemakers from all over the globe in order to unite people, both virtually and physically, to bypass individual agendas as well as the current social, political, and economic systems that divide us. We do this in the acknowledgement that we do not need permission to unify ourselves and discover our oneness as a great global tribe.

Here at the World Summit we are facilitators who are merely providing the space for everyone to find and co-create solutions to the current planetary dis-ease. We are not a new group attempting to impose answers ourselves. We want to gather the right people together who will ask and answer the right questions. The critical mass of people who want a complete shift in paradigm has already been achieved worldwide, but are separated into isolated groups. We are excited about the opportunity to manifest the beautiful world we know is possible if we all join together.

We at the World Summit are done fighting the symptoms. It is time for those of us who envision a different reality to come together and start co-creating by addressing the root cause. We will no longer fight to get a seat at the table dominated by the powers that be, but create a whole new table to which everyone is invited.

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