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I maintain the Mastodon instance among other things

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I've been making things on the web since around 2001, when I took an HTML class in high-school at the tail end of the Dotcom Bubble. A few years later, while in college, I built my first website that someone actually paid money for. In this case, I'm thankful for a few things getting lost to the decaying web.

There's one thing that I miss about being on the internet above all others: it's gotten boring. There's more content than ever, and more outlets for creativity, but there's also more homogeneity. There is still plenty of weird on the web, but it is hidden under the sanitization of social media and unsustainable growth startups.

I'm in a very lucky position of having a supportive community around me and an avalanche of free content available to help me continue learning every day. I try to pay it forward by organizing events, giving free workshops and lectures, and sharing any knowledge that I have for free.

I've been a backer of a variety of Patreons, LiberaPay accounts, YouTube creators, and more over the years. Right now I'm making small donations to over 40 Patreon creators alone. I am finally trying Patreon out myself to garner individual support for the content that I make.

Here are some of the things that I'm using donations for:

  • Taking requests for specific write-ups or tutorials
  • Tutorials on specific web dev issues, such as Illegal Strings in PHP, fixing zip codes imported into WordPress MySQL databases, or when to use isset(), empty(), and is_null() in PHP.
  • Building community things, like the Mastodon instance that I maintain,
  • Write ups on things like my first experience with 3D printing, reviews of note-taking apps, and what I've learned by hosting a Meetup.

I want to make some space for silly projects that don't move the bottom line for a client, but that can bring joy to people online. If that interests you, any level of support will give you access and help me out!

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