Robert G Vavra

Audio Engineer, Businessperson, Artist seeking to Empower Community Voices

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I'm an audio engineer, music business person, community member, and artist living in the city of Chicago. I run a project I enjoy calling Vox Box Chi.

Vox Box Chi is an organization created for the social welfare of our community in Chicago that removes barriers to accessing artistic self-ownership of our implicit cultural wealth through providing access to high quality tools to capture, create and maintain artistic practices in today's tumultuous times.

I'm asking for donations for me to be able to work for my community full time without attachment to commercial interests, to maximize the work I can do during my life for other people, and for myself.

A few projects I'm working towards include and aren't limited to:

A world class boutique recording studio for the communities living in the city of Chicago at an affordable rate without for-profit interests

A fully functional instrument and equipment maintenance and repair workstation

A venue/community center for women, children, youth, elders and families to gather and appreciate our abundant cultural wealth together

A technical and creative arts library with instruments and practice space for artists

Any funding amount is widely appreciated!

Updates come through my Diaspora account

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