Charly C.

Founder of Liberapay

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Hi, I'm Charly. I create, improve, and maintain free software (and other commons). To fund this work I have chosen to rely on the direct support of the community.

My first goal was to receive around €500 per month. My next goal is to cross the €1000 threshold in order to get close to the minimum wage of my country (France).

Below is a summary of my work.

Free software and Open Data

I am the creator of Liberapay, the website you're on right now, and before that I had contributed a lot to its predecessor (Gittip/Gratipay).

I maintain several other free software projects, mostly written in Python, you can see them on my GitHub account.

I'm also interested in OpenData. I've been working on since the database of French laws was released as open data in 2014. One of the things my code does is generate lists of anomalies in the data, to encourage the maintainers to correct them. Since December 2016 the lists are published on

I'm an ArchLinux user, throughout the years I've added some packages to the AUR, contributed to the wiki, and a long time ago I wrote the original implementation of the -Qk command for pacman.

I'm also thinking about creating a new programming language (relatively close to Python but with the changes necessary to allow full static typing, fast compilation, and good run-time performance).

Knowledge sharing

I occasionally post on social media and contribute to Wikipedia to share some of the knowledge I've accumulated over the years on various topics.

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python-libarchive-c 57 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 3 monatoj

Python interface to libarchive 99 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 4 monatoj

Automatic version numbers for git-based python projects

unicode-progress-bars 106 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 3 jaroj

A generator of Unicode progress bars

psycopg2-pool 4 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 3 jaroj

Proper pooling of psycopg2 connections

gitit-bootstrap 23 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 6 jaroj

A gitit theme based on Bootstrap

python-etherpad_lite 16 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 6 jaroj

Python interface for Etherpad-Lite's HTTP API

nosudo 7 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 6 jaroj

A small bash script that fakes sudo using su

xmpputils 4 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 7 jaroj

Two XMPP utils: echobot and sendxmpp

feed-push 1 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 9 jaroj

A daemon that watches local RSS/Atom files for changes


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