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Throughout the ages, we humans as a species have been ruled by a sole individual or a small group that controlled societies and dictated the way we lived. Only in limited situations those rulers have acted towards the benefit of the people, and most progress is attributed to high pressure by exceptional citizens. History has repeatedly exposed the consistent acts of rulers towards keeping the public misinformed, uneducated, impoverished and terrorized to promote personal profits and increase their grasp on power.

No one can experience true freedom in the present world, not even the rulers themselves, as they are servants of money and power. This constant suppression has led to an unsurpassed stage of economic enslavement and control. At this rate we will soon reach a climax of corruption, where all further action towards freedom, morality or ecological restoration will be futile.

Only through fleeting glimpses has humanity been allowed a sight of something egalitarian and altruistic; Democracy, the rule of the people. However, our current form of government could be best described as an “elected oligarchy”. The mere freedom to elect our rulers is a castration of our true potential. People are been kept unaware of the radical improvements of the human condition within a state of direct democracy. Differentiation would blossom all aspects of innovation and the multitude of perspectives would promote prudence and wealth in decisions.

Technology has provided us with an unprecedented ability of rapid information processing and both real-time and asynchronous connectedness which renders the collaboration among large populations feasible. Our ambition is to harness the capacity of this power and build instruments that will enable communities around the globe to function as direct democracies. We believe that through gradual and progressive cultivation, people will be fully capable to steer their nation towards prosperity and growth.

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