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Hi, my name's Luca. I'm a Computer and Automation Enginner. I have many passions, one of them is contributing to OpenStreetMap and! I also contirbute to TMDB (The Movie Database). Unfortunately I don’t have much time to work on OpenStreetMap because it is not my main job, but by supporting me I will be able to spend more time contributing to OpenStreetMap and TMDB! By supporting me, you don't only allow me to spend more time contributing to OpenStreetMap and TMDB, but you also help millions of people that every day use OpenStreetMap based services (for working, travelling, humanitarian purposes and so on) to have more accurate and complete maps! In my spare time I like creating videos for YouTube; like Linux OS overviews, videos about my trips, games bugs etc...

Every penny counts a lot! By reaching 100€ per week, I'll be able to work full time to open source projects! Thank you everyone for your support, and don't hesitate to contact me for every question!

Projects I am contributing to:

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