I run the Mastodon instnace, providing a platform for the public.

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Hello! I'm Billy, the solo administrator of the Mastodon instance. This instance is more than just a server; it's a small but welcoming community board where we encourage anyone to share, interact, and engage in meaningful topics. As you can imagine, the challenges of running this platform single-handedly are significant, encompassing server maintenance, software updates, and continuous efforts to keep our environment respectful and inclusive.

Your support is crucial. It enables me to devote the necessary time and resources to maintain and improve our community. Contributions help cover operational costs and allow for future enhancements, ensuring remains a stable, quick, and enjoyable platform for all members. The goal set would cover the cost of the server; any more than that would go towards upgrading the infrastructure and providing more stability.

Every donation, large or small, is incredibly valuable. It supports the ongoing efforts of this one-person operation to keep the servers running smoothly and contributes to our larger goal of fostering a digital space where freedom, privacy, and community interaction are celebrated.

Thank you for considering a donation. With your help, we can continue to grow this vibrant and inclusive online community together, maintained with care and dedication.

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