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I create fine, free art. Get an idea of it on my website:

My art includes webcomics: or (also:

I finance my art via workshops . For as long, as it’s not common sense to pay artist for every job, every non-artist would get money for, I will have to keep this up. Don’t get the wrong idea – I love those workshops, but if I’d wanted to become a teacher, … well, that would have been a different University!

Thus every [fill in your currency] gets me some time to make art instead of money.

So, why not moving from a rural area somewhere into a cultural metropolis? For as long as you are connected to the internet, you can get information and connect to your community no matter where you are. But thinking properly about your personal surroundings and situation takes some weirdos who shake up your point of view. That’s why I came back to where I came from and help, not only youngsters, to find a way to live a self-paced life.


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