Hai! I'm Rukairi, a daydreaming pianist that play niche games with niche settings ^~^

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I'm currently a privacy-conscious college student that creates gaming content, piano music, shares underappreciated music, and attempts to draw.

I also enjoy spending my free time exploring exploring various interests like modding (mechanical keyboards, phones, PCs).

My family is struggling to pay off my mother's medical bills on top of trying to get through the coronavirus, and I appreciate any kind of donations to help pay for these bills. Any donation will go towards paying the medical bills, supporting my privacy platforms, or funding my listed goals.

Goals: | Mother's Medical Bills: $4152 | New Keyswitches: $6 |

You can also support me by listening to my music or watching my videos and streams!

I recommend r/privacy, if you are curious about taking control of your data.

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