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Why should i donate? Your music is free!

True... and i would like it to stay that way! The thing is, it takes a lot of time to produce an album. And while I would probably make said album without your donations anyways, it would take considerably longer, because day job and such. But mostly you should give me your money because it would give me a great boost!

To make music takes time.

Honestly, I have all the gear i need to make the music i want. What i can't quite afford is to spend the time i used to on music-making.

For most of my "career" I've been thankful for the little and i have struggled to ask for money. It has always felt like such a privilege to be able to make music at all in the first place: how could i burden anyone else about it and claim for a compensation? After all, nobody asked me to make it.

I still feel for making music. But spending the time it takes to create it has become increasingly hard. There is no secret about my despise for the economic system we live in. And much for that reason, I've felt like it didn't make sense to enter a relationship with my audience wherein money would have any part. But mainly there hasn't been many systems providing me with a framework aligned to my ethics.. I have tried several, with mixed results. My hopes are that LiberaPay could give me a different approach and hence I've decided to try it out to see whether it could be a reliable option to fund my musical activities.

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