Sven Eden

Open Source Developer, Gentoo Proxy Maintainer, Artist

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"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand." (

​My name is Sven Eden, I was born in 1976 and am working as a software developer. I love working on open source projects, and do so for over two decades now. One of my first publications, Demolition Man V1.5 for Quake, SpeakersII Edition, is even still available, although it is dated 1998-08-20. ​ I am working on a variety of open source projects, and am the chief maintainer on some of them. The following is a non-finished list, as I did not setup all of my projects, yet.

Further I am a Gentoo proxy maintainer, meaning that I am responsible for some packages being available through Portage:

As I have a very long way to work, I need 2 to 2.5 hours per tour, but can neither move nearer to my current or find a nearer work, my spare time is very limited.
With luck I can afford between 60 and 90 minutes of work per day, while I am sitting on public transport. So half of it is on my way home from work..

Thus I hope I find enough patrons on Liberapay and Patreon to allow me to reduce my working hours per week. This reduction I would then invest in my FOSS projects.

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pwx-elogind-migration-tools Steloj 3 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 1 monato

Tools to migrate systemd-logind commits to elogind. Put into their own repo to make them branch agnostic.

xfs_undelete Steloj 4 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 4 jaroj

Finds and restores deleted files on XFS

makeSimplexTexture Steloj 1 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 5 jaroj

Create textures using Simplex Noise algorithms

getRandomName Steloj 1 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 5 jaroj

Small console utility to generate random names

gravMat Steloj 1 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 5 jaroj

Simulate gravitation on matter distributed "noisy" in the universe


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