control freak studio audio and music. in solidarity, empathy, or justified anger, stomp together!

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If you want to donate to radio free fedi infrastructure operating fund, please do a non recurring or "one month".

If you want to donate to the human for RFF maintaining, my music and sound from other sources, or any other art/music/tech commissions and advising stuff please do a recurring of any length > one month so it's easy to separate. Cheers!

radio free fedi

I maintain the tech, library, editing and community management for the consent, attribution and agency respecting 24/7 community radio of 100% music and sounds from the fediverse and fedizens

Music and media control freak studios - - C2 - mindstalker - djco2

Maker of dark and organic sounds under various monikers in industrial, powernoise, synth, techno, house, noise, soundscape and adjacent styles. Original albums, EPs, remix and sound design.

Have converted most of 20 year back catalogue to digitally available free or donation and CC licensed with more to come. With Bandcamp union busting and being sold to DRM rights vulture lawyers, we'll delete it soon, but you can still grab for absolutely free there in protest. We have setup our own Faircamp where you can preview and download control freak studios faircamp ... the growing repository lives in multiple file formats at:!hFVmSaba!jaGJhzVq3rN6ced5L9pPdA

Feel free to drop some support here if you appreciate the catalogue and be on the bleeding edge for new release as we experiment with audio and visual and divest from as many exploitative platforms as possible. We have a string of release for end of '23 and for '24 we'd love some support toward finishing.

Making music for health and social conscious and you are welcome to come along for the ride. Reach out for any custom sound design, scoring, remix or collaboration requests...

Retain a seasoned IT and Multimedia pro

Are you a creative or advocate and need some help or want to offload a segment of the nerd crap that gets in your way?

audio, video, mixed media design production and sharing | workers and marginalised outreach and media | technical platform selection and management self-hosted or otherwise | collective organising | alternative social media integration | alternative and open communication collaboration and media | event and installation design | self hosting assist | creative hardware solutions | alternative streaming and casting design, setup, hosting | organic gardening | research, citations, methodologies

References available. Let's do things. shoot a quick email with an idea, or we can jitsi, matrix, xmpp, irc, tox at your convenience to talk about how I might help <>


Over the past few years I have worked very hard DIY to secure my living and growing space as a small scale market garden. Unfortunately I have done this through the physical strain of some debilitating ailments and the mental and ethical strain of commercial IT projects to survive. This has taken a toll.

I am proposing a means for you, your collective, your project, your organisation, your creative friend to get access to a hardened and very well spoken IT, Audio and Media professional at 1/10 to 1/20 market rate. Wait that sounds insane, maybe a little, but hear me out. I would like to offer a handful of parties essentially a retainer service to help support them in their creative, artistic, technology, media or advocacy endeavours.

Perhaps there is something you aren't super comfortable with, maybe it's something you don't feel like doing, maybe it is advice, research or training, maybe you want me to dj your online event.

If 5-10 parties can offer 10-20 NZD per week, I survive in between harvests and can give 1-2 flex hours each in whatever needs doing. This is fluid and based on the honest premise that I can truly help and want to do it for cool projects. I feel this is how I can maximise impact AND accept something small to live. I have always gifted time and work to not for profits, underground collectives, and this is a logical extension/hybrid so I might heal, eat and added bonus let's take all the context and experience I have working adjacent to "the man" and damn the man!


I have legitimate multi decade experience in IT, Multimedia and Design as well as expert competency in terrestrial and online radio, music and media production and management, live event support, MacGuyvering the heck out of whatever gear is available to do Disney flash on a former Yugoslav budget.

As an example, I currently do server and platform support for 2 music and radio collectives including radio automation, live streaming, video casting, public chat, semi-public chat, private chat, etc. This allows the creators and djs to do what they do. I am quite comfortable being the blunt instrument that deals with some of the special nuances and glitches often present dealing with experimental, bleeding edge and open projects.

I have built kiosk systems for alternative retail and cooperative spaces to bring digital story telling on social issues to the High Street.

I have designed and built interactive and digital exhibits for museums, airports and underground artists alike.

I've renovated or built from scratch multiple structures and living quarters cheap, DIY and all above code requirements.

After years of urban farming, transitioned a rural property to certified organic production. I can help with design or how to get started with organic/permaculture/guerilla gardening for any space big or ultra tiny.

I have completed multiple post graduate theses and publications. Need an objective outsider to chat methodologies or just help finding crap for a technically non-academic project?

indicative areas I might assist:

custom sound design (loops, beds, sweeps, hits, remixes)
digital audio production and processing
media conversion tools
physical audio studio, performance space and installation design
radio automation servers deploy/setup/manage (libretime, owntime, azuracast, rivendell)
online streaming servers deploy/setup/manage (owncast, osp, icecast) []
database integration, xml messaging, front-end web
fediverse robots []
extreme use cases with SBCs, arm64, pi, pine etc
server setup and care and feeding for all manner of self hosted platforms
domain and dns assistance
advice and deployment for online collaborative tools, secure communications, media tools etc
I can DJ your online party, event, birthday jitsi meeting, garage sale?
help with satellites, lte dishes, magic waves in the air
project management | collective organising | other duties as required


This will help me heal, and I am fine with being highly available and flexible to global time zones to help and support people and groups doing cool things in fields I rather enjoy when scoped this way. I have seen a lot of things, let's leverage that. One off engagements will certainly be considered as well.

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