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I'm the person behind ElenQ Technology.

ElenQ Technology is an Ethical Innovation company which helps individuals and small to mid sized companies to grow technologically in a ethical way. The company supports ideas which make the world a better place to live in. ElenQ Technology is also a project which sparks my creativity and lets me create my own projects and ideas, it's an excuse to make things, it's a reason to make stuff in the way I believe is the best.

I also spend a part of my time contributing to 3rd-party free-software projects like GNU Guix, chibi-scheme, and any other project out there that is interesting and needs some help (could be yours, contact me and tell me about it). This Liberapay account is a way to help me spend more time on free-software development.

I also have a blog and I make lots of other stuff and I talk about it on the fediverse.

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