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27 year old elf in LA. i'm bad at everything but i like wearing costumes and playing games!

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I'm Jemboree Cosplay! I am a real elfgirl who lives in the big ol' hot city of Los Angeles. I love cosplay and gaming, but I'm terrible at both and I love making friends who share the same interests as me! I go to and cosplay at as many conventions as I can, but you'll most likely find me afterhours nightcrawling around at a con party with a flask of tequila in my hand, urging you to take a pickleback shot with me! :P I firmly believe in the motto work hard, party hard. :)

I'm a burner, adventurer, and supergeek who loves anime and funky music and poetry and stuffed animals and making bad decisions. :P

I run the California convention party group called Convention Nightcrawlers and I also run the Burning Man game called PlayaRPG. You should check us out!

I'm currently in a transitionary phase of my life, so I'm not sure what event I'll be at next, but be sure to follow my social media for updates!

I started making and wearing cosplays in 2015, and I haven't improved much since then, haha! Most of my time has been devoted to grad school, from which I just graduated December 2017. Now that's over and my life has begun to stabilize, I want to actually focus on improving my cosplay skills, as I really do love stepping into the world of my favorite characters.

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