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Full-time open source application development focused on the Linux desktop

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Open Source software has always been something I have loved, whether it be developing software used around the world or helping to build diverse communities. I have been a member of open source community since my first adventure into the world of Linux in 2008 and have been obsessed with building brilliant home computing experiences ever since.

Since 2008, I have contributed to a numerous communities in various manners, such as: code contributions, documentation writing, and quality assurance. Since 2015, I have actively contributed to the development of a Linux-based modern home computing operating system called Solus, as well as its desktop environment Budgie.

With high-performance home computing reaching a wider audience in the last few years, now is a better than ever to build and deliver an ecosystem focused on maximizing the capabilities of its users, as well as the capabilities of personal computers.

By supporting me, you can enable the development of sophisticated desktop Linux applications, which embrace the platform they are built and run on rather than sacrificing form and function for cross-platform support or "responsive" design. Your contribution will enable me to focus more time on open source software development, in return receiving regularly development updates and development livestreams. Building on this, should time allow, I will be able to focus on user support with active office hours.

The initial priorities are to develop a new suite of first-class desktop applications for the management and consumption of various content, such as:

  1. Audio management and playback, e.g. audiobooks, music, and podcasts.
  2. Video management and playback, e.g. movies and t.v. shows.
  3. File management via a new graphical file manager, with features such as multi-pane, batch file management, file and folder tagging, and more.

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An in-development audiobook, music, and podcast manager that is designed for and caters to a modern desktop Linux experience.


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