LibreTaxi - Open Source Alternative for Uber

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What is this?

LibreTaxi is "open-source Uber" with focus on freedom and social change. In the world where ridesharing corporations take their cut and screw drivers, we offer gratis and libre platform with the full source code. We proved this idea works, and LibreTaxi already operates worldwide.

How it is better?

It gives you full freedom with no restrictions by simply being the service that connects you to the passenger, instead of taking a payment. When you're connected by the phone, you confirm the order, and take the payment: by cash (default) or by the payment terminal (optional, if you have one). It works out of the box, with 3 minute registration and no approval.

How many users do we have?

We have tens of thousands users worldwide. This isn't too much for the software that can operate effectively, but it is something. We have good traction in some cities.

We've translated the app into 23+ languages, we have more than 100 known private LibreTaxi instances operating in communities.

Why do we need support?

We're spending our own time and out-of-the pocket budget of founders on delivering this technology to everyone. Funds help paying our server bills, buying ourselves time to work on the product. We have MVP, which is very minimalistic version that actually works.

But with more advanced app we can reach to millions of passengers and drivers, not only improving our service, but also society and people's lives.

Help us building the social alternative to Uber that will improve people's lives everywhere!

Learn more about LibreTaxi at

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