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i do illustrations on stream twitch.tv/shadnyex one or two times a week. if you like one of the drawings, you can claim it: all i need is the postage fee and i'll post the original art your way!

if you want to send more than the postage fee, that's greatly appreciated! it is not, however necessary. you give what you can, if you can. you are also very much welcome to just come and hang out in chat during the streams, because that's one of the best things about doing this whole thing.

all my illustrations are also available on my website: oliviamaia.net/en and you can download them in high resolution for free. original artwork available for claiming can be found on this page: oliviamaia.net/en/originals.

i also publish time-lapse videos of my drawing streams and other drawing sessions on peertube: share.tube/@olivia.

all my art is released under a CC-BY-SA license.

if you can spare a little bit of monees to support my work, thank you very very much! if you do, and would like to claim an original piece, let me know!

telegram: @oliviamaia
matrix: @nyex:matrix.org

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