Support the development of brig, rmlint and other projects of mine

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I'm Chris Pahl and I work as a software developer. All software I write is being released as open source.

My current main project is brig. brig is a decentralized & secure file synchronization software based on ipfs. It really could change the way how we exchange files.

The project with the highest number of users is rmlint. rmlint is a duplicate file finder on steroids.

So, why do I need money? Writing software takes a lot of time. Currently, I'm still in a full-time job that pays my bills but, in exchange, takes away most of my time. I guess, you see where this is going: In order to fully concentrate on brig I need financial support.

Thank you! Even for reading this.

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rmlint 1676 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 3 semajnoj

Extremely fast tool to remove duplicates and other lint from your filesystem

libmunin 26 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 1 jaro

Fancy Music Recomendation Library

brig 555 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 1 jaro

File synchronization on top of ipfs with git like interface & web based UI

glyr 238 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 2 jaroj

Glyr is a music related metadata searchengine, both with commandline interface and C API 15 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 8 jaroj

cute little bar with gtk, pango, cairo and love.

catlight (forko) 0 Ĝisdatigita antaŭ 10 jaroj

A commandline interface for a self-built led-notify device + scripts for pidgin and co.


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