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My name is Thomas, I am French and I use a part of my spare time to develop and maintain open source projects (Mastalab, Mastodon comments for Wordpress, MyTransL).

By supporting my work with small donations, you help me to pay server costs for and also, it's really encouraging :)


A multi-account Android Client for Mastodon that allows to quickly manage several accounts without switching thanks to cross-account actions. It also has many features thanks to suggestions.

Mastodon Comments for Wordpress

A plugin that will automatically retrieve Mastodon comments related to the current URL. I adapted the initial Björn's work.


It's an open source Java library for Android that allows to translate content with Yandex and DeepL. The content can be obfuscated before being sent to the translation API.

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Mastalab - Mastodon client for Android devices

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A simple library to translate content




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