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I would like to sustain my family, my wife and 1 autistic son aged 27 years old while I can't leave home for work, im a work at home dad since im also the guardian and sustainer of my son. I need to send my son to a better special school , feed him, nurture him and everything, and my wife as well who does all the work outside while I stay at home to care for my son. I usually write free ebooks, freeware, .php programs and give them away, I will accept payments of any kind especially donations in any currencies. Most of my work are spread online but they are mention on my blog and another non-miner blog I'm also selling domain names, webhosting and ssl but it's not sufficient and there are so many competitors online.

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weblord's freeware

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all my sermons

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Bitcoin Faucet Surfer by: William Nabaza of and Bitcoin Faucet Surfer - 1 Program - 200+ Faucet by: William R. Nabaza of, Prepare your bitcoin address to put in the box provided that you can do for 30 seconds or less and wait for another faucet to open up using internal browser. If you are done on each faucet wait for the next 2 faucets to show up, you may also use Windows + p as a toggle to pause and continue. Right-click on the menu "How to use?" to learn it's usage and the different shortcut keys you can use while auto-surfing bitcoin faucets. Do this everyday so you are sure you will earn bitcoin. If you want a customized program like this you need to donate to me via bitcoin. Email me at Every week I'll be adding lots of bitcoin faucets to it, easily upgrade by downloading the latest version.

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Collection of ebooks and freeware created by: William R. Nabaza of


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