A. Tony Jerome

Inhaler For 2021

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I'm raising a back up fund for possibly three inhalers for the rest of 2021. With my new job, I picked the wrong health insurance. Thankfully, registration opens in October and I can get better insurance starting January 2022.

The last two times I've asked about the price of my inhaler (when my insurance lapsed as I got my new job this year and it lapsed in between leaving my job due to the pandemic and getting unemployment last year), it's ranged between $900-1200 for one month's supply.

I'm hoping that I won't need to pay for the last couple of months of 2021, but I had a severe asthma attack in September and had to go to doctors for care. I want to have this open just in case. Any money raised would go to that fund. If I don't need it, at the end of the year the funds will be redistributed to black trans women first, and other marginalized communities through mutual aid.

Thank you so much!

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