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What payment methods are available?

Ni nun subtenas plej parton de la debetkartoj kaj kreditkartoj (VISA kaj MasterCard), kaj ankaŭ transpagoj (en eŭroj) kaj rektaj debetoj (nur SEPA). Pli da elektoj estos aldonitaj estonte.

How do recurrent donations work?

On Liberapay donations are funded in advance. You have control over how much money you put in and when. Adding more money at once results in a lower percentage of transaction fees.

When your account no longer contains enough money to fund your donations we send you a notification via email so you can add money again. Or you can discontinue your donation.

Mi povas fari unu-tempo donaco ?

No, but you can stop your donation at any time, and it will de facto cease if you don't top up your account when needed.

Is this platform legit and secure?

Yes. Liberapay is run by a non-profit organisation legally registered in France, we comply with the European Union's financial regulations, and the security of our service is of paramount importance to us.

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